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Landscape & Still Life Workshop

Dates to be determined

3 Full days / 4 dinners  

Lodging at the fabulous Greenville Arms,

Greenville, New York

This is the ninth time this popular workshop has been given. It is one of the most relaxing and creative four days where you can lose yourself in your painting, drawing, or photography.

We will visit, farms, waterfalls, barns, beautiful landscapes. Each evening we will have a slide show or a movie, or just relax and have a critique your paintings. The food is amazing and the hot cookies and fruit are delivered during the day on location.

Call the Greenville Arms for more information  at 888.665.0044 and ask about the Howard Rose Workshops. We hope you can join Howard and treat yourself to a wonderful creative experience.


Date: TBD

Greenville Arms Inn

11135 NY-32
Greenville, NY 12083

Please contact the Inn for registration, pricing and details by calling 888-665-0044

Includes 4 dinners and all day teaching instruction

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