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There is Nothing to Paint
Break the painters block and never run out of ideas and subjects to paint.
What to Paint? 1000+ subjects are all around you. This book will open up your eyes and help you see the possibilities. Every five degree turn is a potential painting. Thinking outside the box will show you that you don't need to paint the ordinary. Change angles, and lighting to look for that new vision. I have listed hundreds of categories that will help you decide what to paint — from a farm with tractors , barns, tools, close up of weathered walls, animals, and the landscape to city scapes, marinas, parks, people and still lives. I have taken students to a magnificent park and they will look around and say "there is nothing to paint here'. Train you creative eye to "SEE". It's all in front of you. I have listed hints for each category that will help you think as a painter or a sketching artist. Read this book for seeing ideas that you would normally never stop and see the potential.
Price is $8.95

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