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An Artist's Weekly Planner
185 page weekly calendar and planner (for 14 months) and art tips for the fine artist

This 185 page weekly calendar is for 14 months – December 2021 through January 2023. The 7" X 10 " format is a perfect size for always carrying the book with you. I am an art teacher for over 25 years. I have taught and shared some very important and useful painting tips with students. The tips and ideas are included in the chapters in the book. they include: 24 important Self Critiquing points that will help you critique your own paintings, and hopefully bring them up to a successfull level. / How to start a painting – tips for starting a painting in a logical and organized way. / 18 of the most important photography tips that will help you create wonderful photographs for your paintings. / A plein air painting check list. A list of everything that you will need when you go outside and paint. / 24 pages of a painting log – room to put in, painting date, name, size, medium, where it was painted and room for any notes. / 24 pages of a writing area for Ideas, doodles and preliminary sketches. / 24 bank pages for notes. Room to write down any class notes, teachings, supplies etc. / 6 pages of contact sheets where you can list important names and addresses and numbers of your most important people. Keep organized and stay reminded of important painting tips that will help you in your journey as an artist. Enjoy!

Price is $9.95

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