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Amour Themed Lined Blank Journal
A perfect gift for your favorite women in your life. The interior is blank pages ready for your most important thoughts.
During the turn of the century, the most widely form of correspondence was mailing postcards. From real photo postcards to thousands and thousands of illustration and designed cards. The French brought the postcard to an elegant and very sophisticated level with hand colored real photos of women and lovers and much love related themes. I have a collection of thousands of these collectable postcards and created a series of 6’ x 9” note journals (116 pages) with the theme “Amour.”I selected 8 of my favorite images that represent the beautiful women and lovers themes. The inside third page has a saying: “je t’aims plus qu’hier moins que demain.” The translation means “ I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.” It is such a beautiful quote for your recipient, assuring him or her that each day your love will grow more and more. This journal is perfect for that special gift and can be used for: thoughts, notes, feelings, ideas, poems, lists, or anything that fits your mood. Enjoy.
Price is $7.50

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